Founded in 1990 on the principle that water gardening can be successful and enjoyable, our nursery division now brings you the convenience of web shopping and a priceless resource for one of America's fastest growing outdoor hobbies. We carry everything in pond supplies - from pond liners, pond filters and UV sterilizers to green water control.

Water gardening has been a favorite hobby in Europe for many years. What was once a past-time reserved only for kings is now enjoyed by gardeners throughout the North American continent. Water gardeners now install more ponds than freshwater and saltwater aquariums combined!

We offer the advanced technologies of Europe, Japan and the United States together in a practical formula for water gardening and pond excavation. Our site contains products from around the world that we use and test in our nursery. We are constantly looking for and developing products that add to the success of our hobby. We continue to buy and test new products to assure quality, reliability and value.


Our pond division is one you can trust. With botanists, chemists, landscaping experts and filtration professionals on staff, we can answer almost any question you might have. Our Pond Solutions section guides you step-by-step from planning to fish. Visit it often for instruction and advice. Take advantage of this and other special features when you become a member.


Tennesee Water gardens by Aquarium Founded in 1990, The First licensed Nursery of its type in The state

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